Retail & Shopping Centres
Productive Security recognizes that Retail facilities require specialized security programs. Whether the facility is urban, suburban, upscale, modern or aging, the retail sector has many security challenges. Issues such as gang presence, shoplifting, auto theft and violent crime need to be dealt with swiftly and professionally. Productive Security's goal for the retail market is simple: relocate crime and create a safe environment for your retail patrons.

Retail Services
Dedication to Details - Shopping centers demand security officers with a wide range of skills – from the sensitivity to deal with lost children to the ability to respond to and effectively address law enforcement incidents. Productive Security has been confronted with all of these issues and has been providing highly skilled officers to the shopping center industry for years.

Our training helps us excel in the services we provide, such as:

• Customer Service
• Emergency Preparedness / Response Drills
• Special Events Management
• Terrorism Awareness
• Loss Prevention
• Fire Safety Operations
• Integrated Tour / Incident Management Technology
• Fire Safety Operations
• Fire Safety Operations
• Fire Safety Operations

Whether it's a suburban office park, a single tenant facility or a commercial high-rise, Productive Security provides commercial real estate security solutions to help ensure a safe and secure environment for tenants, visitors and staff. Our security officers are trained to understand the importance of security, as well as customer service, in a commercial real estate setting. Our depth of experience enables us to provide a program designed for your specific needs. Our services are customized for:

• High rises
• Corporate complexes
• Expertise in delivering efficiencies
• Customization of policies and procedures for each property