Construction Sites / Development
Canada has experienced a decade long housing and property development boom that has enabled forced construction costs to rise to unprecedented heights. Residential and commercial buildings have become more expensive to build, and as a result of more valuable materials, more difficult to secure. Construction and development sites face a larger need for security guard services due to the increase in vandalism, crime, and construction site theft. Criminals and construction site thieves are now much smarter, better organized and use strategic methods never used in the past when striking.

However, theft is only one of several crimes that are known to occur at construction sites, which is why it is important to partner with a security company with a proven track record of keeping your construction assets safe as well as keeping your employees productive. Without adequate security resources, a construction project can grind to a halt, which can cost the developer considerable sums of money for each hour that is lost.

Productive Security can implement a well planned construction site security system based on dedicated, industry--trained construction site security guards and implementation of security surveillance systems. Our security officers and diversified security services will secure and protect your construction site from vandalism and theft. When dealing with internal security theft or shrinkage, you should decide on considering a strategic security plan with construction site security guard officers, or undercover security guards. You may also choose to add a security camera system or CCTV system which may also be monitored by security guard officers from an on-sight or off-sight video security surveillance station or via the internet.