Old and new apartments and condominiums require an experienced knowledge of balancing protective with concierge-oriented services. Productive Security specializes in meeting the demanding requirements and security risks found in residential and tenant properties, whether occupant owned or rented. We work closely with the Committee Boards and Property Management to tailor our security program to each building uniquely. Our ultimate goal is make your home a safe and peaceful place.

Residential Services
Safe, Secure and Confidential - Productive Security has accumulated over 13 years of experience with both rental apartments portfolios and prestigious condominiums throughout the Greater Toronto Area. We have expertise in security concerns like:

• Access Control
• Traffic Control
• Parking Enforcement
• Concierge Service
• Emergency Coordination and Evacuation
• Community Center Patrol
• Elderly and Vacation Checks
• Contractor Screening
• Neighborhood Inspections

Productive Security understands that residential security is about more than safety. We're at your front door - the first and last impression of your property. We're the eyes and ears of your neighborhood. We're a trustworthy neighbor.

Specialized Training - Making residents feel well cared for is a goal of our skilled courtesy officers. Our security officers training programs for residential facilities include:

• Customer Service
• Manners and Etiquette
• Fire Safety Officer Training
• Emergency Preparedness
• Evacuation Procedures
• Residential Security Basics
• Effective Patrolling Techniques
• Special Residential
• On-Site Procedural Training

Why Choose Productive Security for Your Residential Community?
• "Customer Service Officers" Who Are Trained in Manners and Etiquette
• Professional Attire, Appearance and Presentation at All Times
• Experienced Management and Residential Security Best Practice Leaders
• Depth of Residential Security and Safety Knowledge
• Cost Savings / Value-Added Services
• Technology and Solutions
• Emergency Preparedness and Planning
• Quality Recruiting / Background Screening Process
• High Employee Retention Rate
• Proven and Responsive Account Management Model