Office Tower
Security has become a priority for tenants in commercial properties. For landlords and property managers seeking to attract and keep tenants, a safe, protected environment is critical. Whether a prospective tenant is looking for new space or an existing tenant is renewing a lease, the building's overall security will affect their leasing decisions. We have developed our security philosophy based on this knowledge and proudly offer a unique approach for the commercial marketplace in Ontario.

Small Commercial / Industrial
For small commercial properties, the exposure to security risks is high. Slower traffic patterns and lower occupancy rates mean fewer deterrents against theft, vandalism and other crimes. Productive Security recognizes these challenges and offers a unique security program, tailored to the specific needs of small commercial sites

Commercial Services
Comprehensive Support - Productive Security has earned the respect of property managers throughout the Greater Toronto Area by handling the security needs of many of the largest and most prestigious office buildings. Office buildings can turn to us for assistance with:

• Access Control
• Customer Service
• Emergency Response and Planning
• Tenant Services and Retention
• Tenant Relations
• Law Enforcement Communications
• CPR/First Aid

Whether it's a suburban office park, a single tenant facility or a commercial high-rise, Productive Security provides commercial real estate security solutions to help ensure a safe and secure environment for tenants, visitors and staff. Our security officers are trained to understand the importance of security, as well as customer service, in a commercial real estate setting. Our depth of experience enables us to provide a program designed for your specific needs. Our services are customized for:

• High rises
• Corporate complexes
• Expertise in delivering efficiencies
• Customization of policies and procedures for each property